Etiquetas: cobre radiater, barrow agua fría, kit de fan pc, ventilador del enfriador de maestro, ventilador de pc, 140mm, bykski de la bomba, disipador de calor, refrigerador de la cpu, color cooler de 120mm.

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  • Nombre De La Marca: bykski
  • Paquete: Sí
  • La Vida Del Ventilador: 100000 horas
  • El poder: 1.56 W
  • Origen: CN(Origen)
  • Disipador De Calor Del Material: Cobre
  • Número De Modelo: CR-RD360RC-TK60-V2
  • Teniendo: Líquido De Rodamiento
  • Aplicación: Caja De La Computadora
  • Tipo de: el agua de enfriamiento

Afanaseva Olga
The screw holes in the radiator DO NOT fit at all. I got a defect radiator. I have been contacting them to figure out a solution. They reply days later and send one sentence at a time.
Great product, awesome quality and finish. Well packed and arrived on time.
The Kevin 1994
The radiator is obtained intact, corresponds to the description, there is no corrosion inside, but on the radiator itself there are scratches that tried to paint, than made even worse. Packed badly as the softening gasket is used by the hoses I ordered, which led to their damage. In principle, the parcel is badly protected from damage.

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